Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Moving

I've been rather torn about what to do with my blog. I haven't been comfortable with this template for a long time, but as it was the only cat I was allowed to have...I couldn't abandon my blog cat. But at the same time I figured I couldn't abandon him either.

But we have cats now. Two of 'em. Cutest little devils....and I do mean devils. And so even though my kids wouldn't let me name either one of them Brixius Northanus, like my blog cat, I no longer feel like he is necessary.

I have also been kind of trying to figure out what to do about my food blog. My journey through food and health is so much a part of me, I don't feel like separating it out, but I feel limited here.

So I'm moving to Word Press. All of my posts are going with me, so no fear! I just have to decide when and where to spend the time to get the template up to speed.

But here is the new addy:

Hope to see you there. :)