Sunday, April 08, 2012

Jesus at the Gate

At the Easter Vigil last night, the Old Testament text was where Abraham was told by God to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham had faith that God would provide the lamb, and that even in the face of this, He had faith that God would keep His promise through Isaac. God blessed Abraham, and promised him that his seed would be more numerous than the stars in the sky and the sands on the shore. But not only that, he said "your offspring will possess the gate of his enemies."

Who in the end is man's enemy? Death. Who defeated death? The promised one from Abraham's line -- Jesus Christ. So now when we enter the gate of death, Christ holds the gate for us, and it is no longer our Enemy's territory, because Christ is victorious over death.

Alleluia. He is risen!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Just a Thought

I bet the LCMS changed the color of their cross because they wanted to match MY blog. I'm touched, guys!

A Promise Kept

Back in college, my friend Dave was one of the closest things we had to a hippy at our school, besides the jeans, t-shirts and, Goodwill vests, and sandals, he brought his guitar on campus all the time. He was going to teach me how to play.

So I asked my dad for a guitar. And my dad, who knew pawn shops were cool WAY before the History Channel, went and found me a 12 string Yamaha acoustic electric, complete with a plaquard underneath the hole that said "Praise the Lord." I almost died (after all, I'm a liturgical Lutheran)....but it was a nice guitar. I did say a prayer for the poor praise band guy who apparently had to hock his guitar. But the guitar came with a promise. I'd give it back if I didn't learn how to play it.

Right at that time, though, Dave got busy with a new girlfriend, and I took 24 credits trying to graduate before my wedding, and that got set aside. My dad never actually mentioned a deadline, so I still have the guitar. And today both Maggie and I are going to go have our first lesson.