Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful Irony

I love Netflix streaming. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I was watching this really well done episode of a PBS documentary on the Medici today (don't laugh...we really need to do a better job of covering the Middle Ages/Renaissance this time around). They were talking about Brunelleschi's dome on the top of the Florence Cathedral, and how many things he did to make that dome happen -- in an age where they had forgotten how to make concrete, and on a building that had been waiting over a century for that dome. When they showed Brunelleschi putting in the last brick of the dome -- in a documentary that is entirely about the Italian Renaissance......they played Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus."

Lets hear it for the Germans!!! (or Engish!!) or the Baroque!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Medical Update

For those of you who don't know, I went in for arthroscopic surgery of an umbilical hernia Monday. Turns out it was bigger than they thought -- my first c-section incision had opened up "a bit." I have no idea how much.

Recovery has been hard. The first day and 1/2 felt just like recovering from my c-section, despite the fact that the incision was in fact, a lot smaller. Turns out there really is a reason for a catheter and those nice beds that change levels and angles. However, it is getting better...more quickly. The nurse who prepped me asked me if I ever wanted any more kids. In a deviation away from my normal answer, I said "Sure." (must be how cute my new godson is). Now -- Nope, no way. AAAGGHHH.

I can get up and down now, and I even laid flat since day one, which is about 6 weeks ahead of schedule after having Maggie. Today I am even wearing a different dress, though the beige tread socks and the slight shuffle might insinuate I came out of a different kind of hospital.

So, thanks for the prayers, I seem to be getting there....keep 'em up :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Last First Kiss

Nineteen years ago today was a Saturday. I know this because we worked at Arrowhead Lutheran Camp, and we had the day off. My good friend Jeff had been backpacking during the regular time camp acknowledged birthdays of the week, so I decided to take him out for his birthday.

After seeing "Naked Gun," we decided to go to the beach and rushed headlong into the discussion we'd been tinkering with over the last couple of weeks...the "what's going on here" discussion. The air was fresh, the seagulls were flying about, the waves were beautiful when we had "the talk." The one where we discussed how impractical anything more than just being friends was, since he was going to be going to seminary in Indiana and I was embarking on my sophomore year in Utah. There now. Nice and sensible.

Within a half an hour, we were liplocked. It took a few more weeks to really come to the conclusion that we weren't doing a good job at this "lets just be friends" thing, but all in all, I think it worked out pretty well.

Happy 19th Anniversary, Sweetie. How 'bout them Dodgers?

Sunday Morning is for Church

A post that I certainly agree with:

Sunday Morning is for Church


With Jeff and Chris gone a few weeks ago, I had more opportunities to watch shows I normally wouldn't watch if they are around -- namely "Bones" and "House."

I've probably spent my entire life watching medical shows and police shows (my dad was a cop and couldn't stay away from them...he even had to watch "Hunter," even though he hated it). But I've been wondering more and more, what is our fascination with shows like "NCIS," "Bones," "House," "CSI," etc. Because there certainly are more of them than there ever have been, and they certainly are more gruesome and graphic than they've ever been. They are also more about the patient or the victim and less about the professional than they've ever been.

I remember having a discussion with Pastor Petersen one day about how our lit

Mark Harmon photographed by Jerry Avenaim.Image via Wikipedia

erature and t.v. shows reflect our societal concerns -- aliens in the '60's and '70's, genetically engineered epidemics in the '90's, etc. But what would shows like our modern crime and medical dramas show us?

I believe they show our fear of loss of identity -- loss of community. Think about it. When someone becomes a patient of Dr. House, a team of five doctors doesn't rest until they find what is wrong with you until you are restored to a state of peace again. The investigators in "Law and Order" do not rest until they have done everything they can to bring justice. Bones, Boothe, and the team focus their amazingly obscure knowledge and all of that they have into making sure that the skeleton and disgusting sludge that comes into the Jeffersonian go out with an identity and a solved murder.

How real is this? Most of us don't get a eam of five doctors who will do anything to make sure we are well. Often when we have five doctors, they don't bother to talk to each other much. We deal with one doctor who performs a couple of blood tests and shrugs during the 5 minute visit because they can't figure out why you feel like crap. Must be in your head...unless the blood tests say otherwise. In reality, I doubt that most murder investigations get the kind of energy that CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, or the others devote. Thinking of the loads these cops and attorneys have, I doubt they can devote that kind of energy.

We live in a culture where we are less connected to people. Sometimes (and it shows in the lives of the victims on these shows), there really are very few people who we interact with who make our existence make sense. That level of devotion that we see in these shows, I believe are a reflection of our society to want to believe that each of us matter, in a world where we are relinquished to ID numbers (this is often explicitly expressed in "Bones.") And in a world where we tend to not show ourselves at our most vulnerable, or the parts that we are most ashamed of -- these shows show us at our worst -- reduced to a smelly sludge, or if still alive, vomiting blood and other bodily fluids. But in the end, we are back to ourselves -- with a name and tied to a life.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nomadic Me

I'm back. Maybe Wordpress was too tidy for me or maybe I just want something different..but I'm back now and will start posting again soon :)