Monday, April 16, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Okay, things are more calm now....I can give this the attention that it is due. I am really honored that Unashamed picked me as one of her five, and I've been really contemplating whom I would choose. Honestly, there really are so many good blogs out there that get me really thinking. But these are the ones I decided on:

Cyberstones: This blog by Pastor David Petersen, the pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne always stimulates thought, whether he is blogging about theological issues, poetry, or every day insights.

Favorite Apron: This blog is by a person that I consider to be a good friend, even though we've only met a couple of times. Polly has been making me think for years. She has a profound respect for the traditional, and the sanctity of the home, but she doesn't come across as pristine and perfect either. What she loves come through loud and clear, but also so do her struggles. I believe "authentic" is the word she would choose. She helps me keep my perspective.

Luther at the Movies: Always poignant, and always makes his point while also leaving me rolling in the aisles. There are times I wonder if the man is truly demented (not that that's bad), but then I realize "No, he's just Luther."

4. Deaconess Emily Carder at
Quicunque Vult. I always relish reading her. I love reading how she brings the catechism into the every day teaching of her students and her straightforward manner of discussing theological issues.

5. and last but certainly not least, Orycteropus Afer at
Aardvark Alley. He provides insight into the Church Fathers and our Lutheran heritage, has mde me laugh, and has gone well beyond the call of duty in his role as support and promoter of those who hold the vocation of "confessional Lutheran blogger."

So here you go was really hard to pick just five. I think we are really blessed to have such a profound presence in the Lutheran blogosphere that I spent a week struggling with who I picked, and I feel so guilty for all those that I left out. Some don't like having little "medals" on their blogs, so you're not going to hurt my feelings if you don't want to display....but I did want to call attention to some great, highly intelligent blogs out there.

Here's your trophy....some like gold, some like silver...just match it to the rest of your bling:

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