Friday, September 07, 2007

Mission Accomplished

You have no idea how much this helps. I know it looks like bookshelves in the midst of a chaotic basement, but it is the start of all starts. For a couple of years, these have sat against the wall at the bottom of my basement stairs, contributing to the chaos and being an eyesore. They've been set away from the wall because they were directly under the window that decided to leak every time it rains, and it always seemed like such a chore to get them moved.

But, they are moved...and a big box of books is headed to the seminary food and clothing bank to bless homeschoolers and bibliophiles alike (or for them to trash, I'm okay with that, too). And LOOK!!! THERE IS ROOM!!! Room for books to come down from my overloaded bookshelves upstairs. Room to decrease the chaos upstairs. And now that there is one little spot in my poor, catastrophic basement, order may begin to rise.
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Just Me said...

Hi. I don't always leave comments, but since I've been 'de-cluttering' around my home too, I just had to drop in and say 'Good for you!"..I've taken a bunch of books to our local good-will store, and I'm planning on more. I do thru a de-cluttering binge..then I slow down for a couple of months..but another 'binge' is building up- andyour photos just gave me another surge! Oh..and I checked out your other blog too. It's also encouraged me to 'deal'with my weight issue - which is not being helped by menopause!! ugh!

Marie N. said...

Very nice! I know that must feel good.
I need to rid myself of this sudden bookshelf envy I feel now :-)

elephantschild said...

That is a beautiful sight to behold! And by the way, did you know you get double calorie-burnage for cleaning? It's true!

I get these cleaning urges in Fall, not spring. It's kind of like I'm getting ready to hibernate. :)Or something.

Presbytera said...

Good for you and others -- a blessing that keeps on giving : )

Heatherly said...

i need more bookcases! and a basemnet :-)