Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh no! Am I that bad????

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So is this saying that I write at a high school "comprehension level" or that I think I am smarter than the rest of the world?

I choose to put the best construction on it...and no comments from the peanut gallery!


Des_Moines_Girl said...

Mine came out Elementary School!!!!
What a bunch of poopy heads!!!

Frank said...

those people ain't so smart. mine am high school two.

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

Best construction, more people can understand what you are saying. Mine rated as high school level also. Likely, the only way to rate higher is to use a great deal of big technical words and complex sentence constructs.

L P Cruz said...

Mine is High School level too. But not to worry, it only means that there are more people qualified to read our blogs.

Now I have been thinking on your blog title. Who is rebellious, is it the Pastor? or you the Pastor's wife?;-)