Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Intellectual Faith Fix

Issues Etc. of course is near and dear to our hearts because it is from a confessional Lutheran perspective. However, there is another show out there that you might find interesting. It is called White Horse Inn. It is a round table discussion with occasional interviews that involve four men from different confessional backgrounds (Calvinist, predominantly), including Dr. Rod Rosenblatt, a confessional Lutheran apologist who teaches at Concordia Irvine, which is becoming a confessional powerhouse in their theology department. This group is what used to be known as CURE, then they allied with Alliance for Confessing Evangelicals, and then they are out on their own again.

They tackle many of the same issues that Issues, Etc. does, and from the looks of it, their website has been following the Issues, Etc. crisis. They have an interview posted with Mollie Ziegler Hemingway as well. I know I saw Pr. Riddlebarger's name on the IE Petition. A part of me hopes that they will be the ones to bring Issues Etc. back to the airways, as they already have a radio following in many parts of the country. I believe most of the hosts have also served as presenters at one or another CTS Symposia.

This one I do occasionally listen to, because I make my son download it onto his I-Pod and then we listen on road trips(isn't the idea of being able to spend the money you earn on WHATEVER you want a grand idea?????)

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