Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sermon Link

For those of you who were asking about hearing my husband's Easter 2 sermon, here ya go . If you just click on the button, it asks to download. if you just put the cursor over it, a bubble pops up with a play button. Your choice. :-)

Enjoy. Here also the sermon he preached at the seminary last Fall on the Unforgiving Servant. I’ve been meaning to find a way to post it for a long time. Yea WordPress! It’s a .wav file though and my converter couldn’t seem to read it, so if you’d like to listen, you’ll have to download it. But it is beautiful.


CAS said...

Awesome sermon! Now I know why it affected you so! :) Thanks for posting it!

Elephantschild said...

I can't get it to work. :( I'll try again later.

Red said...

I can't either... either link... in Firefox or IE :(

Here or at the wordpress site.