Friday, May 08, 2009

My Asparagus Barrier

When we moved here, my daughter was just starting to walk, and quite the bundle of energy. There was no way that I could even contemplate gardening the first couple of years. I was content to see what came up when the snow melted. Growing up in the desert, having hostas and daffodils suddenly appear was a completely new experience. There were definitely things that I just let grow so I could figure out whether they were supposed to be there or were simply a weed. I'm struggling with some of things now because I let them freely grow those first couple of years..but oh well.
One problem with being a pastor's wife is that I never know how long I will live somewhere before God wants us somewhere else. Jeff usually has the guideline that he will not take another call before he's been somewhere five years, because that is just too hard on a congregation. Here is where my struggle comes in.

I love asparagus. I know I should plant asparagus. It's expensive in the stores...and we crave it grilled, in soups, in salads, etc. But it takes three years for asparagus to be fruitful. I also have this block with berry plants and currants, which I want to have very much. But when it comes time to decide what to grow, I always push it aside in favor of things that will harvest this year. Rather selfish of me, I know, because it might be possible that even if God called us somewhere else, the next pastor's wife could possibly appreciate not having to wait for three years, herself.

They are hopefully coming on Monday to till up some more of the field for our vegetable garden to be bigger. maybe I'll reserve some of it for asparagus. Pray for me...hopefully in three years, I'll have asparagus..or someone else will. :-)


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I know exactly how you feel. At our last congregation, our first, we planted trees for our boys after they were born. I also worked hard in the flower beds, planting bulbs and bushes. It hurt to leave all those behind. It still hurts. But, I continue, always saying, "Whither thou goest, I will go!"

jené said...

Greater love hath no woman than she who will labor for asparagus for the next pastor's wife!

Jane said...

As you know, I have struggled with the same thing. At previous it houses was because we were transferred so frequently, and at this one because I want to move to a different house.

At least if you plant the things at the parsonage and then leave, a future pastor's family seems more likely to appreciate them than the next suburbanite who will own my house. :)

Petersen said...

If you plant asparagus from roots (I forget the technical term) and not seeds you will have them in 2 years. I put in a bed last year, about this time, it came up great in the late summer. I just left it alone. This Spring it came up gang busters. I left it alone. The tallest stalk now is close to 6 feet high. Next Spring I'll harvest. It did so well that I put in another bed yesterday. I got the roots (maybe rhizones?) at Menards. They were about $3. They are with the bulbs.

Maybe you won't harvest. Only the Lord knows. But chances are you will see them grow, and there is satisfaction in that.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

My wonderful husband found out from my daughter that asparagus might be on my instead of mother's day flowers, I got 10 of the most beautiful gray, stringy asparagus crowns...the last that the nursery had.

They are now nestled snug in their new bed.

I'm a lucky girl.

Brenda Chryst said...

AH! My husband and I struggle with the same thing! Hopefully there is a woman in a parsonage planting asparagus right now that YOU will be able to enjoy in a few years :)

Ya know what?! I was thinking of coming up with an "unofficial" rules to being a pastors wife guide... let's add it! If you are interested, check my blog in a few days when I get around to it.

Uvulapie said...

Asparagus is notoriously picky but I've been experimenting with container gardening to take advantage of the fact that the parts of our yard that get the most sun are also covered by the most concrete. It might be worth picking up a giant pot ($5 at the Dollar General or $7 for an even bigger one and ye olde Big Lots) and trying to plant some there. If you ever have to move you can then take it with you, that is if you can avoid being tackled by my wife on the way to the moving van.