Sunday, February 20, 2011

Take Up Your Cross....

Christ Carrying the CrossImage via WikipediaOf course I'll take up my cross and follow you, Lord.

But Lord, this one in particular, its too hard....can I have an easier cross? Mine's a little rough.

If I could design the cross I would carry (not to presume anything), it wouldn't look like this cross.

What about carrying it THIS way? I'm not sure that the other way is the best way to carry it.

Can I carry it over here, Lord? I really don't want to go over there. Over here is kind of a nicer place.

I've been carrying this cross for a while Lord. Can I have a break? Can I stop now? Can I carry a different cross?

I know that others have heavier crosses, but this one is too much for ME.

Thank you, Lord, for dying on the cross and rising again for me. Because I'm a wimp, Lord, and I think I can do it better my way, and I kick and scream and whine all the way, just like the Children of Israel. Thank you for your loving patience, and for your forgiveness.Enhanced by Zemanta


Sue said...

Whoa! Are you inside my head??!!

I never thought of it just this way before, but now that I read your post...

Our pastor keeps telling us we are exactly where God wants us to be, and I have such a hard time with that.

You said exactly what I didn't realize I was thinking!

Sharon said...

Wow. I do believe you have been eavesdropping on my conversations with me, myself and I. I have given God some good (in my opinion) ideas as to the what, where, how and when of the cross for me to carry. The more I focus on wanting my way, trying to talk Him into it and bucking against His way the more depressed I become. Not a place I want to be. I simply googled "pastor's wife blog" and found this post....The timing is all God. Thank you for writing this post, I really needed it today.

BTW... I am a pastor's wife as well. I grew up in Indiana, but now reside in South Dakota (which feels like the middle of nowhere at).

Anika said...

Wow! I am in the same boat as Sharon, I just googled pastor's wife and found this amazing blog. I am preparing to be a pastor's wife :) my husband starts seminary in the fall, and has been offered a job as a head pastor in a rural North Carolina town and scheduled to start in June. We don't have the details yet, but we are looking forward to it. Well except the cross country move from San Diego.

I'm looking for all the advice and wisdom I can get. I didn't grow up in the church, so the thought of becoming a pastor's wife was the last thing I would have thought I'd become. I'm so glad to have found this blog.