Thursday, July 07, 2011

No, No, NO!!!

I really hate that I think I feel better. I REALLY hate that I think I feel better.

Its been a long time since I talked about it, but I have celiac disease. When I found out, I decided to go Paleo, since I really didn't want to mess with gluten-free chemical experiments and cost, and because I just find it easier to do without starches than to tolerate substitutes. I know that some substitutes are pretty good, but I just don't have the desire to learn how to do them.

Paleo went really well. My one cheat was Chipotle, because Robb Wolf said "if you have to cheat, have corn and/or rice." I also would occasionally have Wendy's chili when I needed something fast. I also ignored the part where he said "if you have an autoimmune disease, you ought to avoid all grains, as well as dairy and nightshades." Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease, and I have tested positive at times for anti-thyroid antibodies. So that makes two. I'm pretty dang close to diabetes, as well, so probably not good to ignore...but I was having a hard enough time coping with the idea of no more wheat for the rest of my life. I really grieved what that meant culinarily as well as socially. It really is hard being the person who can't eat a whole bunch of stuff.

When I started working, these became much more regular, so really there was no way I could call my diet "Paleo" anymore, just gluten-free. And I started feeling it. And my weight stood still for the last four months.

Three days ago, Dr. Mercola emailed an article talking about chitin-containing lectins. Lectins are the reason why most grains aren't actually good for you...even sprouted grains. But these chitin-containing lectins are functionally identical to gluten. The body reacts the same way. No big deal...I don't eat most grains. But the problem is -- I do eat a ton of nightshades. Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes (I know...I'm not supposed to eat those potatoes!!!).

When I was body typed years ago, I was told to avoid nightshades. But I love them. When I went Paleo, I was told to avoid them. I've heard from many other sources to avoid them also -- and especially if I had joint pain, but I ignored it because they are my "go to" food. For some reason when I read it this time, it really hit home, but it also made me REALLY mad. So I made it a point to search the topic that wasn't Mercola-based, and unfortunately, I've found a ton.

I've pretty much been nightshade-free for three days, and already feel better, and I've lost three pounds....maybe some of that weight is inflammation going down.

But I'm still mad. I mean "shaking my fist at fate" mad.

Here's a non-Mercola article on the same subject:

I'm not posting this kind of stuff to guilt anybody...just to inform, because a lot of this stuff isn't mainstream, and as the article says -- maybe those who are taking glucosamine/condroitin and arthritis meds, etc. would be better served by eliminating grains and nightshades. And if you are better served for that... you have my complete empathy. It sucks.


Susan said...

No grains AND no dairy AND no nightshades? Oh, Lora, I'm sorry. That eliminates so many things. I know there's a lot of good food still available, but so often it's not easy-to-grab food.

Katie is temporarily on no dairy, no peanuts, no soy, no coconut. She's hungry a lot. She's having a hard time getting enough food with "lasting power" to keep her going.

Anonymous said...

Dear RPW,
How do you get "body-typed?" By a general physician?

- Jane Seyboldt

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


No, I had a nutritionist do it. There are books on it by Paul Chek and there is a free site to have it done off of here:

It's intriguing. When I eat according to a protein type, I do pretty well.

Elephantschild said...

Oh, ugh. So, so sorry.

But it does give me to think. there have been times over the last 12 mos that I've had rounds of inflammation symptoms... and now I'm wondering if nightshades or other grains are causing it.

Sage said...

Wow, another person w/ the no gluten life. I hate it. I did great for the first 5 months of the year and went off the wagon in June. My doc suggested I try it for my stomach issues and when I did, my swelling from the rheumatoid arthritis disappeared.

Now, I'm trying again to slowly go back to the paleo type eating and stay away from the bad things!!! I love cheese and tomatoes so that's my next big feat. Your experience is giving me hope I might be able to do it. Only issues are I work full time plus and run out of time to fix what I need.

Thanks for posting about this. I'l be sure to check in from now on.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


I'm in the same position. My only salvation is my husband LOVES to grill. But lunches are hard. I managed to stay gluten free my first 4 months of working (because I'd get so sick I wouldn't be able to work), but the Paleo dropped by the wayside and I was eating Wendy's chili and fries or Chipotle for lunches. Now, I'm doing fairly well...though I am sure when I buy lunch out, which I do way too often, I'm getting burgers off the bun (which means more expensive because I get the stuff with bacon and mushrooms and such so I have more flavor and more to eat), salads, and Culvers has sweet potato fries which aren't nightshades and are Paleo (except for the probability that this stuff is cooked in peanut oil).

So I completely understand, and I am finally figuring out how to do it. I want to take lunches more often, but we are still figuring out how to combine having a 14 year old boy and leftovers. They aren't happening!!!