Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Round and Round and Round

Okay, I've had a lot of fun actually knitting, but I don't know about this! I seem to be doomed to never be able to finish a pair of socks.

I knit my first sock this fall...the one that was for me my drug pusher, I mean my good friend Cynthia had given me a ball of sock yarn called "Vegas Lights" and believe me, as a Vegas girl, the colors are appropriate. See, doesn't it look like the colors in a casino carpet????

But then Sock got set aside so that I could work on my sweetie's pair of socks. Since I only had one...he only got one...the next one was due Valentines Day. And I DID finish it. Its just that something happened and a hole resulted (I blame the cat, personally.) So the Valentines Day sock is now sock #1 (and I'd show you a picture, but we are having technical difficulties).

Now I MUST be a true knitter, because a few days before Christmas, I figured I could get baby socks done for my little goddaughter for Christmas, and that would be easier than actually going shopping during those chaotic weeks.....only problem is.....she has a sister, and I can't make Morgan socks without making a pair for Ashley (godmother guilt)...besides, it would be cute. They'd match. So here we are in February. In all fairness, I did get the baby socks done before Epiphany, which was the goal....but Ashley's weren't done. Then I looked at Morgan's feet and realized they were too small, so I had to unstitch the toes and add a few rows (still don't know if they fit, and at this rate, I should just go for preschool size). Then when I cast on the 2nd sock of Ashley's...I miscounted the stitches in the 1st one and it came out smaller, though probably more appropriate...so two days ago...I just finished sock #2 (really, #3). Wouldn't it have been a great idea if I'd written all that stuff down???? Well, knowing me, I probably wouldn't be able to find that either!

"Great!" you say. "Now you're done." NOW I CAN'T FIND ONE OF THE BABY SOCKS!!!
(at least I remember that I cast on 24 for that one)

So, as a fledgling participant in the 1st Knitting Olympics, my goal is not a noble vest, like Cynthia....I am participating in a personal sockathon (like marathon...not like telethon, though if you want to call me to offer to knit my socks for me, I will be appreciative).....and I am sure that by the time I finish that baby sock, my husband's pair of socks, and Good Lord willing, my own blessed sock.....I will be ready for something done in rows for a while.


Favorite Apron said...

I think I"m the only knitter in the world not participating in the Olympics. We voluntarily have no tv, which is ok most times, but I am very sad during the olympics. I figure skated from K-8th grade and love to watch skating.

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

I can completely understand that. We went without t.v. for a few years, and loved it for the most part. But there were times that we knew we were missing something that we really enjoyed, too.

Overall, I'd like to go back there again.