Monday, February 20, 2006


Female confessional Lutheran baseball fan wanted for small but expanding fantasy league to balance the male/female and clergy/laity ratios (right now we have 4 females, 5 males....4 clergy, 5 laity)if interested, please submit an essay regarding your opinion on "astroturf and the designated hitter" or "open communion between Dodger and Giants fans or Cardinals and Cubs fans" to the comments section..... Sense of humor heartily recommended.

Play Ball!

(okay...just joking about the essay)


Favorite Apron said...

(Yaaawwnn). Sorry Lora - I'm just not into baseball! I will tell you my one baseball story. Our college track team was in Vero Beach for spring break. Some team has spring training there. In search of exciting nightlife we asked all over about which bars the ball players frequent. We drove all over the place in the team van one night.
As far as we could tell, the ball players were home watching tv. Ho hum. : )

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

LOL...well Polly, you were stood up by my beloved Dodgers!

Oh, this surprises me so much! Baseball is an acquired taste that can only be appreciated after a time of learning and exposure...much like the liturgy. In fact, baseball is a truly liturgical sport, moreso than any other.....