Monday, April 03, 2006

My Lack of Domestic Skills Revealed Yet Again

My husband took my daughter to Goodwill yesterday to kill time. Maggie found a toy that she wanted.....a boat. At least, that's what it MUST be...she's never seen it have any other use.

What she really found was an iron. Yes, one of those things that you heat up and use to make clothes look crisp, and to take out wrinkles. We do have one in our house, though I can't exactly say where....though I do occasionally hit my head on the ironing board that is hanging on our wall in the laundry/mudroom.

Back in the 80's, I had a thing for cotton clothes, and I ironed my little heart out because my mother said there were enough clothes out there that didn't have to be ironed that she wasn't going to do it. It's amazing how intelligent mothers are when we get older. Now I like cotton knit.....(I abhor LEAST I won't go that far.)

So Maggie, enjoy your little does kind of look like some of those new ships the Navy is putting out......alas, I am not the one to enlighten you.


Marie N. said...

That is a funny story. What a good imagination she has! I dispise my iron but I need to use it every week because my dad is a widower and refuses to take his shirts to the neighborhood cleaner's.

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

personally, I'd be all for "logical consequences" on that one! ;-)

I know what you mean, though, I have given up and am actually going to sew my son's scout patches matter what the sacrifices are to my fingers!!!

Jane said...

Just wait! It seems the teenage girls like clothes that need ironing but hopefully that will change before your daughter gets there.

Stumbled across your blog,probably through Lutheran Blogs or someone's link. Enjoy reading it.

This Pastor's Wife said...

Cute story. I own an iron, but honestly the handful of times I've ever tried to flatten anything other then a dishtowel ... has been a failure. Buttons, collars, sleeves ... oh the horror!