Monday, April 17, 2006

Sitting in church on Good Friday, my 3 1/2 year old daughter was very antsy, so I was drawing on a little notepad with her. I'd just finished drawing a triangle, so I drew a circle. Maggie studied it with a detail that I had not expected. She knows her shapes.

"If you draw two of those, you can draw a bra." she finally whispered, more loudly than I would've liked. "Draw a bra, Mommy."

"No, Maggie." I said.

"Please?" she said.

I shook my head no, so she took the pad from me to try out her theory. She quickly drew two circles next to each other, then studied her picture for a minute...then quickly added lots of lines coming off from it. "Its a strap bra."

Other parents get pictures of the pastor, or the cross, or flowers and rainbows......I get a bra..... :)


Jane said...

Andrew is always drawing swords and people with horns. :)

Marie N. said...


I've had my share of things "whispered" more loudly than I appreciated.

Something tells me you'll file this in your memory bank to bring out when she's older.
Marie N.

Designated Knitter said...

How fun! She has a wonderful sense of things!

Devona said...

That is wonderful. :)