Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Amazing Dodgers

I don't remember the Kirk Gibson homerun, even though it is a part of my soul as a Dodger fan. Its not that I wasn't old enough...I just hadn't discovered the joys of Lutheranism or baseball then (thank you for both, Sweetie). Yet every time I see it played on t.v, I get chills. I got chills Monday night....okay, Tuesday morning.

You have to understand the game chemistry. The Padres always have our number. While they are rarely able to get out of the bottom of the basement, they are always completely efficient at whomping us into the ground. It is not generally a REAL rivalry, because normally, the Padres want us a heck of a lot more than we really care about them. But this y ear, they are dangerous, because this year, they are good (at least when they are not in their own park). If you are watching baseball at all, then you know that this last week, we've been alternating back and forth with them in first place for the NL West. It's been a nail-biter to say the least. Sunday, when the Padres had given us a good pounding, edging their way into first place for the first time in a month, their third baseman commented on how this had been a game "to separate the men from the boys." The one thing you don't want to do if you're not done with a series is truly tick off your opponent, apparently.

Twice, the Dodgers were behind by four runs. Twice, the Dodgers came back. The 2nd time, they hit FOUR CONSECUTIVE HOME RUNS. To tell you how incredible that is, it hasn't happened since 1964. That means it is significantly more rare than hitting for the cycle, even than the triple play. It hasn't happened in my lifetime, or my husband's.

That was the ninth inning. Now we were tied. Unfortunately, in the next inning, the Padres hit another home run and went ahead. Then it was our turn. Marlon Anderson got on base, and Nomar came to the plate, and the instant the bat hit the ball, He let out a scream, pumped his fist, and started jumping....he knew it was gone. It was the most beautiful thing that I'd ever seen.

I'm in awe.

I'm also worried. Now the Padres are gone and the Pirates are here. They have nothing to lose, and they also have Jim Tracy. I weep at the loss of Jim Tracy as our manager. And no one seems to spoil our fun this year like former Dodgers....(fingers crossed...its baseball, I can be superstitious!). We're not smart hitters, either...we're leaving too many guys on base and hitting home runs when no one is on base... and our bullpen is getting tired. One week to the post season......

GO BLUE!!!!~


Favorite Apron said...

baseball . . . zzzzzzzzzzz
Sorry Lora!!

disgruntled world citizen said...

Hey, my Mets are in the playoffs, so I'm happy.