Monday, September 25, 2006

Lutheran Carnival XXXIII!!!

Lutheran Carnival XXXIII is up at Be Strong in the Grace. Much thanks to TKls2myhrt !


Marie N. said...

Last night I fell asleep to Ohio State pummeling Iowa. But even with my glasses off I cought the crawler at the bottom of the screen telling me the Dodgers clinched. Congrats. Like all Tribe fans I'm hoping for that elusive "next year".

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Wow...thanks so much.

Hey, we are linked in another way. Have you seen the Tommy Lasorda commercial with The Indians fans in the cupboards. I thought that was cute. There is one with a Red Sox fan hiding in the bathroom, too.

You guys will get there. You've got an incredible team. If I COULD like an American League team, I would like the Indians. That designated hitter thing gets in the way all the time!