Thursday, October 12, 2006

Catching Up

The last half of September and the first half of October have been insane. We had the "start of the school year," which for us is not marked by the return of lessons but the return of activity. Scouts starts back up, then Seminary Children's Choir, and also there are preparations for the fair. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it really is. To all of a sudden have two major activities start up, then all that goes into getting the rabbits ready for the fair, and then adding two trips to the fairgrounds every day to care for them simply wipes me out. My son is nearly as introverted as I am, so it wipes him out also.

As soon as the fair was done (our rabbits Roo and Bristol took Best of Breed and Best Opposite for Jersey Wooly), there was getting up to Michigan to see my parents off (they are the opposite of Snow Birds...they are from a hot place and they have decided to live on a Michigan lake in the Summer to avoid the heat.....of course, they were in a great hurry to leave before it got cold, also). Not that I hate going....its just finding the time. Chris started confirmation class, too when fair was there's Wednesday night gone, too.......geeesh. I don't have TIME to send them to school. Then Kris and Brian came -- Kris is Jeff's cousin, and she and her husband are WONDERFUL people. When we left California, Brian was teetering on the edge of becoming a Christian. Now he has been baptized and is very active in the church that Jeff used to be a pastor at. It is such a treat to hear confessional statements coming out of his mouth. Several times I stopped and said a little prayer of thanks for Pastor D'Nofrio.

In the midst of this were three funerals that kept my hubby busy.

These last two days have been time for vegging. On Monday, we finally start actual "school." In many ways...I can't wait.

Oh yeah, and then there were the Dodgers.....well, the Dodgers are the Dodgers. I think it was clear when we actually had two guys get out at the plate in the same play, our left handed reliever got into some kind of bar-brawl and injured his pitching hand, etc....that this was not going to be our year. I'd had my doubts anyway. But given the sheer amount of "kids" on our team, I'm really proud of them, and I'm very hopeful for the future. It will be interesting to see if we re-sign Nomar or Gagne. I'm rooting for the Cardinals to beat the Mets now....but probably for the long haul...I like the Cinderella story of the Detroit Tigers.

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