Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, this was my backyard the day that terrible storm last week was supposed to hit. After the terrible storm, just imagine it a little more muddy.

It's unusual for the grass to still be green. Usually its yellow by late August. But its continued to rain weekly this year, and it has been unseasonably warm the last month or so.

So, a little late, but this is it this morning. More just started to come down. The mean old weather man is threatening 1-3 inches (which means .25)

There may not have been much snow on the ground, but it was enough to make Maggie happy this morning!

And it put a little puppy-step back into good ol' Sophie, too! Posted by Picasa

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Marie N. said...

The kids do love it! My DH comes home from Florida today and he knows he will get the inevitable "Can we go sledding?" tomorrow!