Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Windows of Zion

Request for Windows.....

Since I mentioned how nice I think our windows are here at Zion, I've had requests to post them. I only took the ones that are in the sanctuary itself, and the last 4 are in the narthex, side by side. We have more up in the balcony, but the light was shining through them, and the pictures didn't take well..

...and one thing that won't photograph well, is that above the chancel, we have as steeple that is stained glass. It doesn't really reflect on the chancel, but at night it shows out to the town...It really is pretty.

Here's the link, just click on the picture. I hope you enjoy. They are a mosaic style, which I love.


Kirken said...

Those windows are very interesting in their style. I really like them and had to show DH the pics. Our church have one stain glass window and it has a cross and 2 doves on it in place of a steple.

Marie N. said...

They are lovely! I love all the symbolism. I guess that is why I enjoy the windows so much. Thank you :-) The steeple sounds beautiful too.

Now I need to remember my camera on Sunday!