Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Sometimes there is nothing like just hanging out with friends....

Over the past several years, my main source of support and inspiration in homeschooling has been the wonderful Lutheran ladies on Martin Loopers, a confessional Lutheran email list. And I am blessed to live in an area where it is sometimes even possible to get together, hang out, and talk about the things that are important to us, and some of the things that are unimportant, too.

Add to this the kind hospitality of Indiana Jane who hosted us in her home for two nights, and some good food, adult beverages, and more chocolate flowing than you can ever imagine, I don't think you can have a more idyllic weekend.....

True to form, I was too absorbed in the conversation to actually bring out my camera, so I will have to defer to Polly for pics....but you will also find Susan, Melynda, Jane, Bethany, Jenny, and Barb there well as several others very special women who don't blog.....Thank you for the wonderful weekend ladies!!

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