Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh Me Oh My Sweet Baby Says She's Five

Sometime during church yesterday it occurred to me that five years ago at about that very moment, I was throwing up into a frisbee on the 110 Freeway.

Explanation. Yesterday was Maggie's birthday.

Oh, you need more explanation than that? (and who wouldn't take the opportunity to use a Diamond Rio title for their blog when inspiration hits??)

First, I'd need to tell you about the 110 Freeway. It is the curviest freeway you can imagine, that isn't on mountain roads. It was the first freeway ever designed in California and runs from South Pasadena down to the start of Orange County, through downtown Los Angeles (If you've seen the commercial where the guy tells his GPS that he loves it, then you've seen the 110....actually, 90% of all city car commercials are on the 110). It was very experimental, and most of its path is along an old train route. And because of that, it also has these incredible onramps that are about 15 feet long....and they have a stop sign at the end so you have to merge with traffic from a dead stop....traffic that is going 75-80 miles per hour sometimes. That's enough to make anyone throw up. But I happened to be in labor....and for the first time in my life, I experienced motion sickness. Thank goodness Anne, my doula was driving....but we'd neglected to bring a container for such purposes, but serendipitiously, Jeff found a frisbee. Frisbees being shallow, they also can't be trusted to contain such matter on such a drive, so it had to be disposed of. I still to this day feel sorry for the guy in the BMW convertible behind us (yes, the top was down). If it had been a Mercedes, Maggie might have had a different name just to assuage my guilt.

It has been quite the week and weekend. I've been stressed all of last week and this week about parties. Maggie's party worked out well. Melynda and her girls joined us for a day at the zoo and we had a simple picnic outside. That was fun.

Yesterday, though, we also celebrated my husband's 10th anniversary of his ordination (it really was on the 22nd). I can't believe its been ten years! For obvious reasons (as mentioned was a LONG labor), I kind of missed the 5 year one, and this one, given that he wanted most of our attention on preparing for Maggie's birthday, didn't get a whole lot, but it was the first time I have put together anything at the congregation, even cake and punch. Thank goodness for DK. She was a God-send. It wasn't much, but really, if he wanted more attention to his ordination anniversaries, he shouldn't have knocked me up so that I'd be due in June he should've planned better. (By the time you hit your 20th, she'll be 15....we'll have a blowout then, Sweetie)

So needless to say, yesterday was kind of chaotic. Then on top of it, we were having DK over for dinner for presents and such, and before dinner, one of our rabbits decided it was time to die, so we had to deal with the emotional issues as well as the practical issues of that (it was our first rabbit death, and she was very sweet). Then Chris fell and hurt his hand and so he and I missed the cake because we had an impromptu trip to Redi-Med. Luckily, it wasn't broken, but we had our concerns for a while there.

So, this seems like it is pretty typical of the last week or so, and this next week doesn't show much more promise of letting up. So those of you waiting for me to address the Epistles and the Book of Concord, the posts are completely written in my head, but there is no time for them to come out. I appreciate your patience.

Please keep me in your prayers...I think I have a sore throat....and I fear for my sanity.... :P
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Jules said...

Oh- she's so cute!

Happy Birthday!

And Happy Ordination Anniversary!
That is a cool coincidence, that they would be the same day.

Caroline said...

What an angel...Hope your week is not as busy as last week. But it does seem like it's worth it all when things work out and everyone has a great time. Congrats to both daughter and hubby!

elephantschild said...

That's a great labor story. And thanks, I'll never look at a frisbee the same way again. Cute kid! Worth barfing for, I'd say.