Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It starts

My 10 and 3/4 year old son's I-Pod Nano came today.

I feel like I should be saying "My son started puberty, today."

He scrimped and saved for it for the last several months (doing a much better job than me, however, I am trying to feed four people, and I still am the one who keeps him clothed). I'm really proud of him. He decided that a refurbished one would suit him just fine and so he bought it and also bought a gift card so that he could purchase songs. That came two days ago. He's been working on his playlists ever since.

Now music has gained a stronger focus in the house. Now we have one more reason to compete with each other for the computer, since it seems he is forever wanting access to ITunes. When I holler for him, I can't be sure he hears me. On the bright side, Maggie can toot on her recorder without him getting irritated.

And oh my goodness, these things are tiny!!! He's going around like I did with the oh so cool Walkman when I was just a year or so older than him, but wow, these things are simply miniscule! Other MP3 players are even smaller, but there is something that just seems light and delicate about these!!

I shouldn't be complaining. You should see his playlist. Beethoven and Mozart, hymnody, a few pop songs, and still some of the children's songs of his youth (John Lithgow and the Muppets...but those are also, considerately, for his sister....but if they are "just for his sister," how come I hear him singing them all the time?)

My little boy is growing up.

And his mom wants an I-Pod.


ghp said...

The Nano is, indeed, very cool.

If you need even more of a push to justify getting one, I can attest that they are wonderful delivery devices for Issues, Etc.! ;^)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

My eldest has a CD boombox. My youngest has a Sansa Shaker Mp3 player, which I blogged about here. I mentioned in *my* post how the Walkman was all the rage when I was young. :) I have a phone to which I can also download music. I love all the musical choices today, being able to pick and choose exactly what you want.

Cheryl said...

For the longest time I would hear people talking about Ipods but would have no idea what in the world an Ipod even was. I just figured it was one more gadget I had no use for. But now that I am starting to grasp the whole concept I am thinking maybe there is room in my life for one after all. Then again, I think I'd like a new toilet first! :)

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


I know what you mean. I have a torn up sofa and a clothes dryer that need attention. It's always something!!!

My phone is suppose to play MP3s but I've never gotten around to getting the little card for it, and the headphones. Maybe I'll try that first.

But ITunes has Podcasts from Concordia Seminary! (ever the theology geek)

Sniz said...

Your son is a much better saver than mine. He's 13 and he keeps saving for big things, but never gets there because he'll spend a little here and a little there...but on the bright side, when he got paid a few weeks ago for taking out the neighbor's dog, he asked me if he could take me on a "date" to see Pirates of the Caribbean. I choose to think he just wanted to be with his mom and that he wasn't just using me for a ride to the movie theater! But when I read about your son's IPod, I, like you, want one too! It beats those big, clunky walkmans we used to walk around the house with!

Presbytera said...

This reminded me that I used almost all of my confirmation money to purchase a portable transistor radio that had both AM and FM. That was top of the line technology in 1964. Can you say dinosaur?

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

I love my iPod. I rarely listen to the broadcast radio now. I can't stand the music on Christian stations and the rock station dj's are just plain vulgar.