Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Apologies

Lately, I haven't felt much like blogging. I think it is weather-related. I've noticed over the last year of blogging that my brain activity is very affected by the weather. During the summer I blog like crazy and over things like theology, politics, and other such interests (I actually have a list of things that I want to write about, but the words aren't coming). That's how my life is, too. I read a lot during the summer, and I don't knit. I want a book in my hand. Knitting is a mood soother for me -- and I need that less in the Summer. I follow baseball. I am more eager for social interaction.

I notice every year, when it starts cooling down and rains more (like it has over the past few weeks...lots and lots of rain), my focus completely changes, or maybe I just lose my focus. I've been more interested in staring at leaves. I get more cranky. I get more tired. I start looking at knitting patterns. It is wierd for me that this is starting in August. But I think that every year I've been in Indiana, the feeling has started in August. And yes, I did get this way in Southern California, too, but its not as dramatic.

I've been more into storing things least I think that is the instinct that I am following. I've been better at cooking and making kefir and kombucha; not to mention salsa, sauerkraut, kim-chi, and all the other things that I lacto ferment. I've been picking up the house more, and have been grumpier when people mess it up. I've made soup twice. And chicken stew once. Those are winter foods for me.

I'm getting better at improving our family's diet. I'm staying away from the carbs and artificial junk more and eating things that I know are helping my health. I'm drinking raw milk, drinking some of the kefir and beet kvass and I've noticed that I am not getting sick as I usually do when there are weather changes.

But aside from the normal weather things, I know I am putting a LOT of energy into the diet changes. That is another thing that amazes me about now. I think the kombucha and kefir are helping, because usually what really ruins me completely when I try to adjust my diet is I immediately get sick. Then I want my comfort foods. My throat hurts, and nothing feels better on a sore throat than a soft drink (not to mention I was raised on drinking it instead of water). I don't feel good, so then I give up with cooking and doing dishes (the major obstacle) and go to Taco Bell on the way to Wal-Mart to pick up another bottle of Zicam.

But aside from that, when I make a change in lifestyle, which is really what it is for me to stay away from fast food, lower and eliminate my Diet Pepsi intake, and cook and prepare good foods -- all my energy and concentration have to go into that. So blogging is one of those things that gets forgotten.

So have patience with me. I will be back.

And since, as I said, my attention is focused on this, my friend Designated Knitter (a fellow soldier in the battle for weight loss and health) and I have decided to start a blog chronicling our journey on this. We haven't come up with a title yet, but it is in the works, and I will let you know more about it in the next few days or so.


Presbytera said...

I have noticed that I can only balance so many balls in the air at once. I am usually good at maybe three things at a time and anything else is an overload. Because of my brother's death in the Spring I haven't had the presence of mind to blog much. When we were in Milwaukee for a week (and I wasn't juggling other balls) I was able to do some blogging. Now I am back in my routine at home but canning has become one of those balls in the air. Soon it will be schooling again. It's understandable that you only have so much time. I think it wonderful that you are using your energy for healthy habits!

Off to watch the Indians (hopefully win again) while I continue to work on a knitted outfit for my great niece.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Thanks Presbytera...

I wholeheartedly appreciate the words of encouragement.

And I am glad that Grady Sizemore is doing better now that I've dropped him from my fantasy team. Go Indians!!! I really have got to get over and grab a coffee with you and see Jacobs Field. That's a goal for next year!

Presbytera said...

God willing, we'll be here and the coffee is always on....well, the Bunn coffee maker is always on so the water is always hot.....or we have 2 Starbucks to choose from...or we can just use the Starbucks I buy and make at home.

The Indians really squeaked by last night in the ninth. I should actually say they "walked" off in the ninth with a win since Seattle walked Kenny Lofton with bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth in a tied game. Go Tribe!

Cheryl said...

No apologies necessary! I don't think you should ever feel that you "owe" your readers a post. When you are ready to share, your faithful audience will be here waiting to benefit from your perspective and experience. Until then, just go enjoy living the life abundant!