Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good News!!

Our congregation voted to switch to Lutheran Service Book by unanimous vote. It was peaceful and fun, and the most controversy was whether to get our church name imprinted on the covers...and that final decision was simply "if we have enough money in time to get it."


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Very cool. Are you switching from LW or TLH?

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

In reality, both.

Our congregation hasn't been able to support a regular organist every week for several years. So we have 2, plus one that can really only play LW, but generously volunteers her abilities whenever she can, and when those options are not available, we have a CD from CPH which also is LW(not ideal, but not as difficult as we thought it would be...yet a more "full time" organist is the goal, and we are at a place where we are only occasionally using the CD).

We have TLH in the pews, and the congregation really likes TLH much more, but finds it hard to read, etc. So we have been printing the weekly liturgy in the bulletins, and people really HATE that. LSB provides the flexibility to work with our organist situation, yet returns us to a hymnal.

So now it is fundraising time, and with resources lined up, we are hoping to have it in the pews by Advent.

This really is a wonderful thing, though, because the congregation really went through the wringer when LW came out. It was a blessing to have this be so NOT controversial!

Lotzastitches said...

Our congregation just voted on Sunday to switch to the LSB from TLH. The vote was something like 44 yes/21 no.

Unfortunately there were several who said they would leave if the switch was made and several said they'd leave if we stuck with TLH. Sad. This was all days/weeks/months prior to the meeting. I thought more members would have showed up to vote.

Cheryl said...

To Lora--Hooray!

To Lotza--I'm also glad to hear your congregation is switching, but very sorry the decision was so controversial. Praying for you congregation during the time of adjustment!

Laura said...

Tag! You're it!