Friday, September 26, 2008

One Less Thing I Fell Guilty About

In the lower right hand corner, you'll now find a feed to MOST of the blogs that I read. Luckily, not everybody on their writes on a daily basis. But these are my friends...or at least people that I find very interesting.

I plan on separating them out by category, and sometime adding some of the "newsy" ones like Get Religion, Cranach, First Things, Steadfast Lutherans, etc, but I at least don't feel like such a sludge.

REVISED: Is it just my computer, or is the feeds link not showing up??? It looks like my sidebar is disappearing when I scroll down

RE-REVISED: Dang it. doesn't work. Maybe it is my 3rd party template.... :(


Cheryl said...

I was just about to ask you where it went! It WAS there, RPW--I saw it!

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Yeah, I know. I don't know why MY computer won't let me see it, but I assumed it couldn't be there, because no matter what I did, when I scrolled halfway down, the sidebar just disappeared. So I deleted it....

Then I checked my Stattracker stats...and saw all the clicks out to other blogs. I was rather ticked. However, I couldn't even have checked my Stattracker stats to find this out if I didn't delete the feeds...arrggh