Thursday, November 27, 2008

Seven Wierd Random Things

Cheryl tagged me for this. I am enjoying seeing this go around...

1. I met my husband at summer camp. While we had a few conversations in the first few days we knew each other, our first real interaction was that we were paired for the staff week "trust walk." He had to lead me through the forest up the hillside while I closed my eyes and followed his directions. When we got up to the end up of the path, and our boss was moving into an astronomy lesson, we didn't stop holding hands for probably another five or ten minutes.

2. Even though I am Lutheran, I'm really not that fond of beer.

3. I won't sleep with a top sheet unless it is flannel. I skip right to the blanket, otherwise.

4. Since the cruise ship charged an outrageous amount for soft drinks (a $60 drink card) when we went to Hawaii last year, I used it as an opportunity to finally get Diet Pepsi out of my daily regimen. I'm getting close to a year!! It tastes awful to me now. Just like a cup full of chemicals -- and I feel A LOT better.

5. I would really love to do the pilgimage of St. James of Compostela (Camino de Santiago de Compostela)...without the paying homage, of course.

6. I just ended up postponing our Thanksgiving feast to tomorrow because my turkey wasn't thawed enough to brine, and because I burned breakfast twice. I figured that wasn't a good sign. That way we get to have friends over who have family obligations today. :)

7. Speaking of that, we play fast and loose with holidays. We move their observances around like crazy (though this is the first year we did that since Thanksgiving). With my husband being busy on many holidays..especially those that are on Sundays, and my aversion to crowds, I'd rather have my Mother's Day dinner on Tuesday...we open some presents on Christmas, but celebrate most of the presents and feast on Epiphany. Same thing with birthdays. While Chris had a friend spend the night and we went bowling, we still haven't had the cake (and if I had thought of that a few days ago, I would've made it a point to do it on his baptismal birthday --interesting idea for a new tradition for procrastinating holiday observers ..hmmm


Amawalker said...

Walking 'THE' camino is a bit of a misnomer. There are many 'WAYS' to Sant'Iago (St James). Here are a few to add to your bucket list!

Via Gebennensis (350km - Geneva to Le Puy)
Via Turonensis (+970 Paris and Tours)
Via Podiensis (736 from Le Puy to St Jean)
Via Tolosana (905 km; 745km France+160km in Spain - Arles)
Via Lemovensis (900km - Vezelay)
Chemin du Piemont (525km - Narbonne via Lourdes to St Jean)
La Voie Littorale (140km - Pointe de Grave)
La Voie de Soulac/La Voie des Anglais

Camino de San Vincente Martir – 755km:
Camino de Andorra (Abalate to Fuentes de Ebro)
Camino Aragones (245 km – Somport – Puente la Reina)
Ruta Sur del Camino Aragonés (Jaca)
Camino Frances (750 Kms - Roncesvalles)
Camino de la Costa (85km – Irun - Markina (Vizcaya)
Camino Norte (765 km – Hendaya)
Camino Vasco del Interior (210 km – Irun to Santo Domingo)
Ruta Vadiniense Picos de Europa (134km–Potes a Mansilla de las Mulas)
Camino Primitivo (369 Kms -Oviedo) English brochure Download daily stages in English
Camino del Salvador (120kms - León a Oviedo)
Via de la Plata (676 km - Sevilla)
El Camino del Sur (184 km - Huelva to Zafra)
Camino Inglés (108 km - Ferrol)
Camino Catalán (480km - Montserrat to Logrono)
Camino del Ebro (219km - Tortosa to Logrono)
Camino de Valencia (863 km – Valencia)
Camino de Alicante (735 km – Alicante)
Camino de Murcia "Ruta del Azahar" (153 km – Cartagena)
Camino de Levante (900km - Valencia to Zamora)
Cami de Sant Jaume (251 kms – Barcelona)
Variante de Huesca y San Juan de la Peña (238 kms)
Camino Mozárabe (347 km - Granada to Medellin)
Camino Sanabres (400km - Zamora)
Ruta de la Lana (380 Kms -Valencia to Burgos)
Camino del Maestrazgo-Bajo Aragón (497 kms – Castellón)
De Granada a Mérida (613 km )
De Málaga a Córdoba (190 km.):
Camino de Madrid (321km – Madrid to Sahagún)
Camino de Fisterra (141km – Santiago)
Camino de Invierno (A variant from Quiroga to Montefaro)

Camino del Interior (230 Kms - Oporto to Santiago)
Camino del Norte (170 Kms - Barcelos a Redondela)
Camino de la Costa (140 km - Oporto a Vila do Conde, y de La Guardia a Vigo)
Caminho Portuguese (1050km - Lagos)
Camino Portugués de la Vía de la Plata (268 km – Zamora)


The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Wow....I did know there were several but not that many.

Luckily, I have a few years (or more) to research first... :)

Tolosana was the one that had first particularly appealed to me

Jenn said...

Nice random things. ;) :) My random thing is to catch up on unpacking! ;)

Glad you had a good (if not on Thanksgiving Day) Thanksgiving! :)