Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Side Bar Change

I changed the link on the sidebar section that says "If You Are LCMS, Read This." Rev. Matt Harrison, who has agreed to run for the office of LCMS president next year, and the current head of LCMS World Relief/Human Care has written a beautiful, optimistic, honest piece called "It's Time" (speaking of, the link takes time as well). He has said so much, and much better than I can. I've only gotten through the first seven pages so far, but my Honey and I have been reading it after the kids have gone to bed.

I appreciate his actually putting some real financial figures in there as well. I knew that our debt situation was worse than I could ever imagine, but I was stunned at his number on the actual Net Worth of the Synod being at around $160,000 (p. 4) That means that a national denomination is SO IN DEBT that even though it owns a radio station worth millions of dollars, its property in St. Louis, and so many other assets around the world, plus investments, etc.-- that it is only worth about the value of a 3 bedroom ranch house on about 1/2 an acre anywhere in the Midwest (and worth about 1/7th of the same property in Southern California, before September).

It is incredibly eloquent and readable. But you REALLY need to read it. The LCMS is looking to rewrite its constitution next year, and Harrison does a wonderful job of addressing the real issues, the real concerns, and the real purposes of Synod. As Lutherans, we really do need to be clear so that we do not have the wool pulled over our eyes. And we also need to have a look at the man who is probably the one man who can unite most of the Synod with his orthodox theology and his heart for missions and mercy.

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