Monday, December 29, 2008

Knitting Again

My hubby got me a set of beautiful interchangable needles from Knitpicks this year (my kids got me the organizer to put them in...very cool). So, in celebration, I picked up the scarf that I'd been working on a year or so ago, and started knitting again.

I don't think I am completely into the knitting groove yet, though, because when I was knitting on this before, I was completely fascinated with the way the pattern was going. Now I just keep thinking that the person who decided it would be cool to continually knit along the hypotenuses (?) of various triangles must truly be a sadist, and the interesting pattern is just the mind game to keep you coming back....


But the needles are a joy, and the color pattern in the wood is just beautiful (though it might be doing the same thing as the knitting itself).

Merry fifth day of Christmas
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Lisa said...

Just saying hello. I found your blog off of someone else's not the Lutheran Blog roll (that doesn't seem to spread much word around for me. Maybe I got on it too late). Anyway, I am an LCMS pastor's wife stuck in Wisconsin at the moment. Very small town. We went to the sem in Fort Wayne. We miss it there. I'm not wittenburg trail too much don't use it much.

Designated Knitter said...

Yay!! It's looking great!

Those needles are BEAUTIFUL! Makes my metal ones look all plain!

Elephantschild said...

It's like a water torture scarf, then?