Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The LCMS Is Sinning Against Issues, Etc. and You

The LCMS is threatening a law suit against Pastor Todd Wilken & Producer Jeff Schwarz for using the name "Issues, Etc." on their internet radio show, despite the fact that they have indicated no future desire to use it and in fact, the Synod let the trademark expire TEN years ago, years before they cancelled the show.

The current administration is continuing to try to exercise restraint over the topics discussed on the show, just as they restrained them from covering topics that would call into question the direction this adminstration has taken when they were still on KFUO.

If you have read Pastor Matt Harrison's statement "It's Time" (linked in the sidebar above), you will know what a complete financial mess the LCMS is in, and the lack of direction we have in theology and practice. The fact that they would devote synodical funds to this while missionaries are being pulled from the field because of lack of funds and ministries are being denied their designated funds is shameful. Please sign the petition and let the boys in the Purple Palace know what us Plebians in the Pews think.


Christopher said...

Gotta love that kind of religious pathology, hey? Or shall we say more specifically, religious sociopathy?

Heidi Pocketbook said...

This is just unbelieveable...It sounds like something that would have happened in the denomination I grew up in (I've been LCMS for close to 20 years). I'm going to spread the word on this, as I have non-LCMS family members (of other denominations) who listen to this show as well.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Actually, Christopher, I hate it. I see the pain it causes.

Joy said...

I signed. The synod needs to straighten their priorites.