Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama Quote of the Week

Today at the National Prayer Breakfast:

"There is no god that condones taking the life of an innocent human being."

Personally, I think every prolife organization and even those who have sympathies with prolife organizations should take this quote as their slogan, attribute it to President Obama, and use these words as our guiding force, even if his actions show otherwise.

His actions are wrong. His words are completely right. I hope and pray they become a guiding force in our nation


Cecilia said...

Unfortunately, they don't consider babies in the womb "human life" . . .Cecilia

Joy said...

It really is Nazi Germany times infinity. (And btw, in addition to 6 million Jews, Hitler also killed TEN million Christians--most of whom were helping Jews. somehow that got eliminated from the curriculum....)

Lori said...

Interesting quote by a man who is so supportive of taking life as early as possible. I wonder if he realizes the inconsistency between his actions and his words. Like I tell my girls, "Talk is cheap; Actions Speak."
Thanks for the FYI. Just looking for interesting quotes for TQIF and came across your site. I'll be back.
Keep Up the God Work.