Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Last First Kiss

Nineteen years ago today was a Saturday. I know this because we worked at Arrowhead Lutheran Camp, and we had the day off. My good friend Jeff had been backpacking during the regular time camp acknowledged birthdays of the week, so I decided to take him out for his birthday.

After seeing "Naked Gun," we decided to go to the beach and rushed headlong into the discussion we'd been tinkering with over the last couple of weeks...the "what's going on here" discussion. The air was fresh, the seagulls were flying about, the waves were beautiful when we had "the talk." The one where we discussed how impractical anything more than just being friends was, since he was going to be going to seminary in Indiana and I was embarking on my sophomore year in Utah. There now. Nice and sensible.

Within a half an hour, we were liplocked. It took a few more weeks to really come to the conclusion that we weren't doing a good job at this "lets just be friends" thing, but all in all, I think it worked out pretty well.

Happy 19th Anniversary, Sweetie. How 'bout them Dodgers?


Rev. James Leistico said...

this post conflicts me. on the one hand it fills in a few details not included when you first told me. on the other hand, I feel a little less priviliged with insider info.


Happy "anniversary" at any rate.

I reached the tenth of my last first kiss back in January - and what a kiss! not too far from a beach at the Santa Barbara airport.

Elephantschild said...

I don't remember the day, but I remember where we were, and I remember that he asked my permission to kiss me.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


On the "How bout 'them Dodgers?" We were driving along the 101, and he said "maybe we really should talk about where this relationship is going." And my response was "How 'bout them Dodgers?" I am just about sure that invoking the Dodgers probably sealed my fate. LOL