Thursday, July 29, 2010

Medical Update

For those of you who don't know, I went in for arthroscopic surgery of an umbilical hernia Monday. Turns out it was bigger than they thought -- my first c-section incision had opened up "a bit." I have no idea how much.

Recovery has been hard. The first day and 1/2 felt just like recovering from my c-section, despite the fact that the incision was in fact, a lot smaller. Turns out there really is a reason for a catheter and those nice beds that change levels and angles. However, it is getting better...more quickly. The nurse who prepped me asked me if I ever wanted any more kids. In a deviation away from my normal answer, I said "Sure." (must be how cute my new godson is). Now -- Nope, no way. AAAGGHHH.

I can get up and down now, and I even laid flat since day one, which is about 6 weeks ahead of schedule after having Maggie. Today I am even wearing a different dress, though the beige tread socks and the slight shuffle might insinuate I came out of a different kind of hospital.

So, thanks for the prayers, I seem to be getting there....keep 'em up :)

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