Sunday, November 28, 2010

Body Scanning

If you know me on Facebook, you will probably have noticed that I have been particularly appalled by the inhumanity and the unconstitutionality of the new policies and procedures utilized by the TSA.

I found this article by blogger Jason Bell, a molecular biologist and physicist working on his Ph.D. - who holds a particular interest in this area. It is well written, and pretty easy to understand why we should be concerned about the radiation issue regarding the scanners.

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Kane Augustus said...

Irradiated fruit and veggies. Mircrowave ovens. Cell phones emitting low-level stuff that messes up birds' navigational instincts.

All part of progress, right?

So, why not add the opportunity to advance our slow pickling of the human race? Besides, new forms of cancer and a proliferation of all the oldies would give a superb excuse for us to hike-up taxes and subsidize further research into disease. May as well not improve our quality of life if we can improve the size of our federal reserves, hey?

Anyway, wouldn't scanning people's bodies give a visual improvement in some cases? ;)