Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Call

I haven't posted about this before, but my husband has received a call from Messiah Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

We just got back from visiting there for a few days, and had a wonderful time with the members that we met. Jeff is continuing to deliberate. There has been so much to consider, but he has set November 13th as the day that he will announce his decision.

Please keep us, Zion, and Messiah in your prayers.

Thank you.


Unashamed said...

What??? You were in Waterloo and I didn't know?? Visiting our former parish? How did I not know this? Ahhh, if only...I could have shown you around. You COULD HAVE COME FOR DINNER. We are fun people :)

All kidding (well, maybe only half-kidding) aside, I'll sure be praying for you and Jeff and the congregations. And if you do come up here girl, you better let me know :-D
~ Anita Vandenberg

Robin said...

You are in the states now right? As a Canadian transplant to the US... I would love to live in Canada. Beautiful country, friendliest people, and a very stable economy at the moment! Have you accepted the position???

Unashamed said...

PS...I live like 5 minutes from Messiah...


Lora said...


I had no idea you were in Waterloo. We were snatched up for just about every meal possible while we were there, but it would've been wonderful to see you! You have a beautiful city.

Are you still on Facebook?