Sunday, November 06, 2011

An Interesting Thought on Dating

One of my favorite shows is called "Bitchin Kitchen." It's out of Canada and is REALLY hilarious. Luckily, The Cooking Channel picked her up. Occasionally, in her quirky and sometimes disturbing way, Nadia G will drop some good advice. This is from her episode "The Dish on Dating."

"Much like making dinner, the first step to finding a mate is knowing what you want. But people are too funny. Ask them what they do and they'll say Í'm a microbiologist specializing in gram negative bacteria, specifically endotoxins. My hobbies include rustic Malaysian cuisine and collecting garden gnomes." But ask them what they are looking for in a mate and they'll say 'a sense of humor.'Come on! Be specific!

"...Same goes for finding a mate. You've got to figure out which ingredients will make them tasty to you. Otherwise, you'll never date (holds up a package of "Mac and Sleeze") outside the box."

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