Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dodger Stadium - My Blue Heaven
These were our seats the 2nd night we went to a game...they were bargains, but still VERY good. Our first night's seats, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa, were in the Reserve Level, right above home plate. There really are no bad seats in Dodger Stadium. It is the most beautiful ballpark in the country. To the east there is a remnant of the sunset and shadows of the palm trees. To the north, there is the San Gabriel Mountains. We used to live at the base of those, in Pasadena..
We WON!!!! We were right in the middle of the best winning streak we'd had since 1893. It was great. We got to see Greg Maddux's first outing as a Dodger. Woo-hoo!!! I wanted to get a picture of the every present Dodger beachballs being bounced around the stands, but they were too quick for me.
Whenever the Dodgers win, they finish it off by playing "I Love LA" Now they are putting the words up on the scoreboard. I swear I never knew he was singing "big nasty redhead by my side." I heard someone on ESPN saying we were doing it because the Lakers started doing it. The Dodgers were doing it years before the Lakers were.

It was very considerate of the Dodgers to win both games while we were there. They have not always been that hospitable, but then again, we lived there.
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