Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Birds Know!

On February 15, there was snow all over the ground that came as high as my knees in some places....yet, it was Spring. The weather didn't seem to know this, since the temperature registered at a balmy 2 degrees.....the earth itself doesn't acknowledge this, since the scientists mark the first day of Spring as the day when the highest concentration of the sun's rays are focus on the equator (the Spring Equinox, March 21st)....but in my heart....I knew it was Spring. Pitchers and Catchers reported to Vero Beach, Florida and to other camps in Florida and Arizona to begin Spring Training.

Someone else knew I was driving along the highway to go pick up our milk from an Amish farmer, blocks of birds sitting on the road rose up to get out of the way of the van. The birds had arrived. I saw a few finches, but mostly starlings. Starlings are always the first to arrive (though this does seem early), even before the robins....usually huge flocks of them descend on the grass field behind our house, like a sea of black (no wonder they haven't been to our field I said....lots of snow. Back roads and the dumpster behind Arby's make more sense).

So, I don't care what the thermometers or astronomers say. The baseball players and the little birds tell me....its SPRING!!!!

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Jane said...

Now the weather seems to be getting a clue. :)