Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wow...I Made Butter!!!

My kids have dairy allergies. Actually, my husband and I do, too. We just ignore them. About eight months ago, we started getting raw (non-pasteurized) milk from a farmer and have LOVED it. We've used rice milk and such for many years, but given that my family has insulin issues, I've been concerned about all of that starch with no protein or fat to offset it. Raw milk often doesn't provoke a reaction because many people people with dairy allergies aren't reacting to the proteins themselves, but to what intensive heat does to the proteins, and that it kills the enzymes that are in the milk that help us digest the proteins and access the nutrients.

This allergy has also left us dependent on margarine (parve only), and I've hated that. It's so bad for us. So a while ago, for cooking I switched to coconut oil (look online, nutritionally, it is VERY good for you), but for what to spread on the bread, I've been a little lost.

Finally, since I was getting whole milk, which obviously had cream, I decided to make it myself. I came across this recipe for butter in a food processor, which made it sound simple....and it was! I actually played Catan the whole time the food processor was going, until I had to start rinsing it...and the rest took about five minutes. And while it doesn't taste like much alone (butter doesn't...but I didn't add salt, either), it was the BEST on a piece of toast. It has left that luscious, creamy taste in my mouth that only really good butter can leave. YUM.

So, if you want to see what the whole process looks like, (since the recipe still left things kind of a mystery to my timid nature) I included a photo album of the whole process. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the album. Now for a snack.....


Kirken said...

When I was small and being switched to milk my mom found out that I was unable to drink pasturized milk. My great grandma had milking cows and I had no problems drinking unpasturized skim milk (she had a seperator). Our neighbors have cows and have given the boys milk from their cows and they liked it so much better than the store bought milk.

Margaret said...

After suffering my entire life with ear and sinus infections and spring/summer nasal allergies, a doctor finally pinpointed that it was an allergy to dairy I’d been suffering from! Sure enough, I cut out the dairy and haven’t been sick since. I wish I could find a raw milk supplier just to give it a try, but they are all a far drive from where I live. I’ve taken to making an avocado “butter” that, while not the same as real butter, is a surprisingly tasty alternative. I puree a ratio of one avocado (has to be really mature and soft) with the juice of one lime and one Serrano chile. You could probably omit the chile if you’re not into spicy though. This will last for over a week since the lime preserves it. Has your family been able to tolerate the raw milk without any problems?

Crystal said...

You said you played Catan? Like Settlers of Catan? Do you play other games?

Also...I just made some butter from raw milk. I skimmed the cream off with a spoon. But I wonder if I had milk mixed into my cream because it didn't really "whip" into whip cream like it was supposed to, and then there was suddenly little butter chunks that I scooped out. But it was not like I've made butter before from cream from the store.

Do you know what I did wrong?


BTW, your blog is really awesome. We are Presbyterian. My husband is likely to be an elder very soon (in our denomination there are no pastors...only elders) and I found your blog to be a help. I will go back and read some more when I have time.

I homeschool my five children and we are about to go build a patio!


Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Hi Crystal,

It sounds like you didn't go long enough. It could be that there was some milk in it, but I still think the cream will separate from it and it will be left in the buttermilk. Again, it seems like it just goes and goes and goes, and then you start seeing chunks, and then all of a sudden, all of those come together. It always seems to me like it should happen before it does.

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

BTW, thank you for your kind words.

Yep, I play Catan. Since its a 3 -4 person game, sometimes its hard to get the board game going, but I also play the video game version. Beyond that, I like the Sims (its kind of like playing get to dress them up, accrue lots of neat stuff, and have romances) and my husband and son love Civilization IV (which is kind of the equivalent to army men)