Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meet Scully

This is our new puppy, Scully. He's 8 weeks old and is an Australian Shepherd mix from the Fort Wayne Animal Control Shelter. He is beautiful in a completely unique sort of way. From what I've been reading on the internet and elsewhere, his coloring is more similar to what working Australian Shepherds have (the ranchers and shepherds don't care if the mask is perfect or if the white "saddle" is present...just that they have a good dog!), and it is called a Blue Merle. The picture below kind of shows his markings (though they really don't do him justice. His fur is just this delicious swirl of jet black mottled with smoke gray). Though I don't know if you can tell from these pics that his eyes are different colors...well...actually his right eye is blue on top and brown on the bottom. The left eye is brown. It's very cool. The merle pattern even effects his eyes and his nose. We don't know what else is in him. We just know he's really sweet.

We wanted a good baseball name and we were pretty settled on Scully (because who is more baseball than Vin Scully???) but we were also looking at other aspects of our lives (which is usually how we pick animal names). Since the kids are learning Greek, we wondered "What's Greek for dog?" Since "dog" doesn't come up often in the Bible, Jeff decided to look on Babelfish, and up popped:

For those of you who don't read Greek, its sigma, kappa, upsilon, lambda, iota......or "Skuli" or...basically "Scully." Flabbergasted (wow, I love it when I can use such a cool word), we figured that this was a sign that we'd found our name.

If you don't mind, I'm going to go play with my dog.....

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Elizabeth said...

I'm posting a picture of our Australian Shepherd on my blog just for you! :)


Marie N. said...


The first dog I remember my parents having was Chemnitz. Dad was earning his masters in St. Louis when they got the dog, I believe.

Mumme Mom said...

We had an Australian Shepherd mix at one point growing up too. His name was Smokey - because of his grayish black swirled hair. His eyes were two different colors. I loved him. Too bad he decided to chase a bird across the highway, he died in my arms. After him we still had, Dandy (a sheltie) who was Smokey's best buddy. Then he decided to chase a bird....Next came Bear (a big brown mutt of a dog we got for free), he too chased a bird or squirrel...then last was Kirby (yep after the great Twins player Kirby Puckett). He ran away and never came back after my dad died and never came home from FL.

4Js4HIM said...

What a beautiful pup!

Charity said...

I hope this little puppy turns into a wonderful compaion for you. He looks very cuddely. Hopefully it will not be to cool during the night for the 2 AM potty breaks. There is nothing like standing outside in the dark with a little puppy on a leash.

Jane said...

He is beautiful! I look forward to meeting him sometime!

Dr. Luther in the 21st Century said...

And here I was thinking you were X-Files fans.

Cool dog by the way, I hope you have lots of room for Scully to run. We had a family friend who bred and competed in agility contests with Aussies, and they have a lot of energy.

Devona said...

I love it when animals cosmically name themselves!

I had a black cat that I found as a kitten while I was living with a room mate. I was driving around with my sister trying to think of a name for the kitten when I saw a sign for diesel gas and thought of Dweezil Zappa, which my sister thought was the perfect name.

So when I came home and called out to my room mate and her boyfriend, "I found the perfect name for the cat!" her boyfriend replied, "Dweezil!" accidentally intending to say diesel.

Thus the cat was named Dweezil. He now lives with my mom since my husband is severely allergic to cats.