Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Beautiful Service

I don't link to my husband's sermons because it would just be too easy for some nutcase to find out where I live. I figure, if you're Lutheran, you probably can figure it out easily enough, but I'm not going to make it easy for them by literally linking to the address. :)

Anyway, I always kind of regret that because I think he is an excellent pastor, and a very gifted preacher.

Today, he preached and served as celebrant at Concordia Theological Seminary chapel. If you've never heard the chapel service, it is beautiful. The liturgy resounding with that many men's voices is just so completely striking. The seminary posts the morning service every day, so take a listen. If you'd like to hear my husband, click on Wednesday.


Caroline said...

There is NOTHING so inspiring and goose-bump producing that hearing all those men sing in the chapel.

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Actually, I can think of one thing...

On the first Thursday of the month, the children's choir sings, and hearing them alternate with the men just sends shivers up my spine. The contrast is incredible (to say nothing of children singing introits, complicated hymns in parts, and occasionally Latin). (actually this month, it will be NEXT thursday, for the Ascension Day Service. Give a listen, it is wonderful).

elephantschild said...

Oh, my husband will be sad he missed it - he was actually on the campus Wednesday, installing a small organ that's been donated to the sem. He had lunch in the cafeteria!

We'll listen to the service next time we sit down at the computer together. Thanks for sharing!