Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Communion

Pastor Rick Stuckwisch writes:

Dr. Luther concludes his discussion of the Lord’s Supper, in his Large Catechism, by stating that the little children should be catechized and admitted to this Sacrament, since they also are the baptized faithful, and we need them to assist us in praying and fighting the devil. Not "cute little poopsies," but courageous young Davids with five smooth stones and hearts of faith in the Lord of hosts, who is more than able to slay an army of Goliaths. But recent generations have been more inclined, like King Saul, to encumber the little shepherd boy with a grown man’s bulky armor. As though the accumulated burdens and weight of life in this sinful world were better able than Yahweh Sabaoth to defend the lambs and sheep of His pasture.

This is just an excerpt from a beautiful post on communing children, including his own. Please go over and give it your time. I think you will be blessed by it.

Thank you, Pastor Stuckwisch.

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The Hen (Charity) said...

Thank you for posting about Pastor Stuckwhisch's blog. It was a delightful read.