Monday, December 17, 2007

A Change of Pace

My honey got to do something that most other guys get to do a lot more often....laze about on Sunday. It was the first time church has been canceled in the 4 + years we've been here.

The storm that came through left the roads in bad shape yesterday, and despite it being the time for our Sunday School Christmas program during the Sunday School Hour, it was very clear that it was not safe to expect people to come out yesterday. So after a few calls, he was able to come back to bed and we all got to sleep in.

This was an unusual blessing, considering that he'd thrown his back out earlier this week and has had difficulty moving. An extra day of rest really made a big difference. Each day he moves around a bit better.


elephantschild said...

I used to think it was a bad thing to cancel church. But truth be told, there are dear people who will venture out when their health and safety are put at risk by doing so, bless their faithful hearts. If church is canceled, they will stay put. Yes, the Divine Service is important - but not having a broken hip or vertebrae or wrecked car are desirable too!

My husband's 91 year old grandma when out in ICE last week. ::shaking head:: Someone at her church saw her car slipping up the driveway and intercepted her before she tried the stairs solo. It's these dear people I worry about!

Glad your Dh is on the mend!

Marie N. said...

I hope the extra rest did him good and he's better soon.

Beth said...

What a nice surprise for you and your family.