Sunday, December 02, 2007

RPW's Amazing Wonderful Chicken

I have been getting requests for my chicken recipe (yes, this is the one served at the Fort Wayne Mamapalooza as well), so after writing it down repeatedly, I decided to post it to my food and diet blog - Tending Our Gardens. It is a great one for family or for entertaining and feeding several people in a relatively easy, inexpensive fashion.

Hope you enjoy it!!!


Marie N. said...


and thanks for the link to Emeril's spice recipe. I think I have a soon to be empty spice container I can refill with the mix.

Me said...

Tonight we have chicken.

Cheryl said...

We had it last night! (I will admit I improvised on the seasoning--next time I will try Emeril's). It was a hit! Thanks, RPW!

Marie N. said...

I made this dish last night -- that family loved it. I'll have to work more veggies in there next time, my cupboard was nearly bare.