Sunday, December 02, 2007

One More Day.....

This time tomorrow, I will be doing laundry.

Excitement...I know.

But tomorrow, my new dryer comes. We've been without a clothes dryer for several months now, and with the good weather, and extended good weather at that, it really hasn't been an issue (well, aside from the fact that my dog thinks it incredibly fun to take clothes off the line). I thought it would be novel to line dry, and in some ways, it has been very nice. Now that it is cold though, they are drying on a line in the basement (that the previous pastor so kindly set up), and things are starting to not be so pleasant.

It would cost almost as much as a new dryer to get a repairman in. My father-in-law looked at it, but despite all his efforts couldn't get it to start again (actually, I think they felt its loss more strongly than we did). And honestly, with disposal fees, lacking a truck, and many other aspects, getting a used one just was going to be a huge headache....

Hanging clothes outside was meditative and enjoyable. But when push comes to shove, I don't like the way clothes feel coming off the line (though I do love the way sheets smell). In all my efforts to return to traditionalism, sometimes, it is amazing how much I find myself getting in the way. So we return to modernity. It is amazing how easy it is to take something for granted. I've always had a dryer, at least one in our apartment complex. This has been an good experience, and who knows, if Scully mellows out by next year, maybe we will hang stuff out in the summer. But my sweaters are smellin' a bit musty from drying in the basement. blech.

So we scrimped and saved and I worked, and other expenses came in (like new tires) and depleted those savings.

But Friday night, we bought it, and tomorrow it gets installed.

There will be a veritable orgy of laundry going on tomorrow, and I just might take off all my clothes and try on every piece of cozy-radiant clothing that comes out in all of its softness and joy (I hope nothing shrinks).

Oh, I'd better run to the store for dryer sheets!!!


Presbytera said...

Don't you hang your dryer sheets on the line too?? j/k I hang almost all my clothes on the line and dry just certain things (towels come to mind) in the dryer. That way I get the exercise, the lovely smell and extend the life of my dryer. I could not be without my dryer -- eek! Didn't you have
scratchy, hard towels???

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Okay, yeah. The towels were probably the worst of it. The jeans never feeling tight was the best of it :) I might just continue hanging them. They soften up after a few minutes of wearing....

Beth said...

I actually prefer my towels line-dried...they're much more absorbant. At home I use my dryer only for sheets, underwear, towels, etc. in winter. In summer I use the line for everything unless it's raining. In Lebanon I have no dryer (no place for the hot air to go) so everything hangs...inside during winter which takes FOREVER. Here in Kuwait I just dry sheets, towels, underwear, and hang clothing on drying racks around the house (no balcony). The dryer is slow and has to do it a couple of times to get things dry. I do miss my washer/dryer in the States.

BTW, I'm thrilled to find you and Anita on Blogger. You can't have too many Lutherans in cyperspace. :)

DogMom said...

I adore line-dried everything. I'm almost fanatic about hanging my clothes when I can - but I do have to dryer my clothes in the winter.

Even my towels. I luvses me some line-dried towels. le sigh...

Just sign me:
Waiting For Spring

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


Wow, I read your blog last night! A teacher at a bilingual school in Kuwait! That is amazing.


Well, you can always do as our Amish neighbors do. Whenever I go up to get our milk, they have laundry on the line, no matter how cold it is!