Thursday, June 12, 2008


For those of you seriously concerned about my dreadful couch situation, it has been solved. I knew something was missing in the process. Basically, what was required to solve it all was for me to have a temper tantrum.

Jeff and I went shopping yesterday at lunch, and found four or five sofas just across the street that I would be perfectly happy with. With each one, there was something that he couldn't bring himself to embrace (the microfiber sectional was just a little too wierd feeling, the other one was too expensive, the other one didn't support his back, the other one was just a bit too short to be able to nap on....)

So then I vented my frustration regarding the fact that he actually had an opinion on it at all (and in reality, I am very happy that he has an opinion on it, even if it makes my life harder) and then I went clothes shopping, where I found a couple of cute outfits that I was definitely due and needed for work and life. Feeling somewhat better for some reason, I stopped into Klopfensteins by my favorite sushi place (oh man, I'm jonesing for sushi..but I resisted). I really didn't expect to find anything that would work(though there was lots that was really nice that certainly pleased me. But like Elephant's Child pointed out, I have two kids and a big dog. And that dog occasionally thinks he should be allowed the same privileges as the child before I put him aright. The dusty rose plaid/floral Broyhill pattern probably would have put me into a coma if it were permanently ruined by a muddy dog print.)
But then I walked toward the back. And there it was. And it possessed EVERY SINGLE TRAIT that we have ever wanted in a sofa. It wasn't microfiber. I was happy about that (the more I read about it, the more I read that static is a HUGE issue. People have had ruined laptops computers, etc. from them). It was comfortable and had good back support. Amazingly, it was all that, and a sleeper sofa. It is a medium brown and is soft and comfy. It also has a matching snuggler (smaller than a love seat, bigger than a chair) that also has a sleeper bed in it (when we lived in California, Jeff really just wanted to get a snuggler and forget that we might at sometime or another actually have to seat guests). And it has a matching oversized storage ottoman. And all within our price range (and really a price I would've expected to find at a factory outlet). I brought Jeff in today and he really liked it. Chris sat on it, and the 2nd most opinionated male in the household's first words regarding it were "its comfy." Then he and his friend Jonathan spent the rest of the time sitting on it playing Mad Libs while we finalized the details.

This picture is from my phone, so I will have to say, the color is better than this. and it is bigger than it looks (here it looks no bigger than a loveseat, but my 6 foot tall hubby can lay down on it). Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the leopard print throw blanket....darn. Needless to say, Maggie is tired of furniture shopping.

So, I got my couch, AND increased the bed capacity at the Horn Hilton. It gets delivered next Friday. The snuggler will soon follow.


elephantschild said...

I thought your daughter was there for scale, so we could see how long the couch is.

What stuffed creature is she carrying? Mine's been toting around a penguin. And an imaginary friend named "Aircraft." (He's an airplane.)

Thursday's Child said...


Marie N. said...

Hooray! It looks great.

DogMom said...

woohoo! Congrats on your new sofa!

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Thank you very much.

Thanks to my friends who encouraged me to hold out, I got closer to what I wanted, but thanks to the ones who encouraged me to go with what was practical, I ended up with both.

Elephant's Child, I have no idea what she is holding, I can't get it to zoom in that much, but she didn't have a stuffed animal with her. She's been a lot more laid back on the imaginary friend/stuffed animal thing lately. Having an older brother who kind of mocks it doesn't help. Instead, she's been really absorbed in building zoos on Zoo Tycoon. I think that is where she is channeling her imagination...that and bird watching. You wouldn't believe what kinds of birds that your everyday sparrow can become in the mind of an almost six year old armed with a bird identifying book!

Jane said...

Yay! It looks like you got a great couch.