Saturday, August 23, 2008

Honestly, I Am at a Loss for a Title

Today, I was driving down main street in my little town, and there was a man on a motorcycle ahead of me wearing a bright red shirt with a big ugly swastika on it.....willingly, and willfully.

For a minute, I was in disbelief. My brain almost went into denial, like something was wrong, but I couldn't quite comprehend what was wrong with what I was looking at, but I knew it was wrong. Then all of a sudden I realized that the guy was blatantly wearing a big, huge swastika on his back...out in public. I wanted to post a swastika with the post, but I really couldn't stand to have it on my blog. I stared at it on the screen and was just repulsed, and Brixie (the cat) was staring at me with an unusually accusing look in his cat eyes. I couldn't leave him with that.

Why does it shock me when people just blatantly advertise they are evil?

Looking at this guy with his greasy hair, shape of his jaw that showed that he had a few teeth missing, and as he pulled up next to the bar where more than a few bikers hang out...he was no symbol of Aryan masculinity. Hitler would've made sure he was exterminated from the gene pool. But I doubt this guy knew that.

We have Klan here. I've known that. I hate that. In my lowly human understanding, I rationalize that even the Klan didn't seek to bring the whole world under their subjection, and didn't murder millions of Jews, Rom, Slavs, Blacks, and Christians in the process. But just seeking the "purity" of their own locales isn't more righteous than anything else. They certainly have committed enough atrocities. But I still can't imagine embracing the symbol of the Nazi party and of probably the most destructive, evil man that has ever lived.

The people who usually are sporting these symbols of white supremacy are usually the saddest excuses of white people, of any people that exist, period. They usually have nothing going for them or nothing to cling to of worth inside themselves or outside of themselves other than the lack of melanin in their skin.

Jesus loves these people, too and He died on the cross for them just like He died on the cross for me. And that is what humbles me when I feel the anger well up in me when I see this symbol of evil on the motorcycle in front of me. I only hope and pray that he guides this man and others to be able to love those whom Jesus loves and died for. All of mankind.


Christopher Esget said...

You need a camera-phone, RPW. Tell your husband I said it was okay. :)

elephantschild said...

And Gypsies. Hitler murded ALOT of Gypsy, too.

I remember the absolute horror I felt when someone at college unfolded a Nazi flag - the real thing, an antique.

It was like the room filled with a thick liquid of tangible evil, and we insisted that the thing be put away immediately.

He was not a Klan member; I don't know where he got the flag.

Orianna Laun said...

Isn't it interesting that the symbol used to be a good-luck symbol? F. Scott Fitzgerald mentions it in the book , "The Great Gatsby." It was also an ancient Native American symbol of friendship. They signed a document in 1940 declaring a permanent ban on use of the symbol as a protest of Nazi agression.
Apparently this man is not so noble. It seems as though modern "tolerance" education has taught nobody anything.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Pastor Esget,

Well, if YOU say its okay, then he guesses he'll let me enter the 21st century.

Actually, I have one...I just forgot it today And then I forget to use it when I do have it (except when I took a picture of the "Do Not Pass" sign that is at the entry way to the seminary. Then I almost got into an accident getting a good shot of the sign).

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...


I used the more modern name of "Rom" for gypsies. I've been spending way too much time watching History Channel lately.


I'd always heard it was also a Saxon Rune symbol. Hitler did a lot of going back to their barbarian mythology to build up their sense of being a superior race. :P

Thursday's Child said...

Great post. There's a man who owns a salon down the street from my FIL who's first name is Hitler. What were his parents thinking?!