Monday, August 11, 2008

Time With Friends

Wow...I feel refreshed.

I had the most wonderful weekend at my friend, Cheryl's with several women that I treasure and admire.

When I started considering homeschooling, my yarn pusher recommended an email list called Martin Loopers that is specifically for confessional Lutheran homeschoolers (does that also make her my homeschooling pusher?). I then made contact with some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. And now I can list as one of the greatest benefits of living in the Midwest is that I actually can get to spend time with them sometimes!!!

We spent the weekend laughing, talking, enjoying good food, worshiping, watching Monty Python skits, and imbibing massive amounts of chocolate. It was WONDERFUL. I feel ready for another year. We also went to a great farmers market, a Mongolian Grill, and no Mamapalooza would really be complete without a trip to a bookstore. (Cheryl's site has the pictures...I'm always too busy enjoying the moment to remember to break out the camera).

I am often asked if I belong to a homeschooling group. "Homeschooling group" cannot even begin to encompass what these wonderful women mean to me.


Polly said...

Nope - homeschooling group doesn't even touch it.

Jane said...

Cannot imagine my life without my Looper friends. Way more than a homeschool group.