Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Honey.

It was probably about 15 years ago right about now, that I was up at Arrowhead Lutheran Camp, and I went to 7-11 with my good friend, Jeff, whom I'd met that year. It seemed like we'd always known each other. In some ways, we had. The Lutheran world is a small world (cue music!) and we had many of the same friends.

Anyway, I digress. We got out of the car, and I saw this great dog. An Alaskan Husky with peachy brown spots. I said "That's a cool dog. I want a dog like that." "Why don't you get a boyfriend?" he asked. "They're easier."

I don't know if I was more taken aback by the idea that he was telling me that he was interested in filling that role, or at the very idea that a boyfriend is actually easier than a dog (with a've won the majority of the battle once you stop them from chewing on things and have them housetrained). I don't think he knew what he was saying, either...exactly. (I'm more cat-like...he had to win my heart with backrubs...purrr).

But within a couple of weeks, we'd had our first kiss and now, 12 years ago today....we were married. Despite some hard times, five babies (3 in Heaven), and some tremendous joys , it has been the most wonderful 12 years of my life. You're not easier than a dog, Sweetie.....but you are a much better friend. God has blessed me completely in you. Posted by Picasa

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Marie N. said...

Happy Anniversary!