Thursday, July 20, 2006

Levels of Friendship

I just got done forwarding off one of those cute emails that everyone sends around to everyone else. Each time I do this, I wonder..."do I know this person well enough to send them this?" I'm not even talking about an "off-color" message. Do you send these off to the person who just emailed you yesterday for the first time (I'd think not)....or only to people that you would trust your kids with in a major catastrophe? Am I presuming a particular intimacy that isn't there if I am the first one to send this (kind of like using the informal "you" in a foreign least once upon a time).

I grew up in a town where everyone had six-foot block walls around their properties and it was considered rude to show up on someone's doorstep without calling first. I remember my mom sitting in our house going "shhh" when someone knocked on the door, because she didn't want to talk to whomever was out there. I didn't blame her. If they hadn't called, they were probably Mormon missionaries.

Maybe because I'm Lutheran, too. It's not like we're often very huggy-friendly people. I'd have to admit, I myself would rather sit at the computer and talk to someone 2000 miles away than talk to someone face to face. (I remember when I was a kid, there was an article in Scholastic Magazine that was saying that someday, people would relate better to their computers and would stay in their house and wouldn't relate to if that were some sort of tragedy!!!) :)

I wonder about it with blogs and such, too. My wonderful husband has been out of town this week, and I've noticed that I've been compulsively blogging.....on other people's blogs. It doesn't help that early communion has been a topic. I bet you can't tell that one is an interest of mine. Have I overstepped my bounds? Am I saying too much? Am I being obnoxious? At least I have the comfort that Pr. Petersen "stole" that picture of my husband from my blog!

I do end up worrying about my kids' behavior and if they are being obnoxious...when often, they are being kids and other people realize this. I think my parents were really uptight about that, but I often find that right after I chewed out my kids for doing something, that they had absolutely no problem with letting me act that way. And my poor kids don't get a break from me! It's proper behavior prison at the Horn Household.
(ok...maybe I'm not that bad. maybe I am. maybe I should start capitalizing....naah)


Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

Hi RPW (I just deleted last comment because I wasn't sure if you have your name posted on your blog) but I wanted to say, you can send cute emails any time you want. I hope to continue an online friendship long after the Flat Travelers have gone home!
PS Did they arrive home safely yet? I mailed them Priority on Tuesday.

Marie N. said...

I'm the black hole for 'those emails'! I receive so so many and send out almost none. When I do it is because the email made me laugh out loud or because I know someone who would love it. Not because the email tells me that if I send to 10 people I'll have good luck or if I reach 10 people before the end of the day Jesus will bless me. (So many things to discuss there!) But then I have always been a party pooper too!!!

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

ROFL....yep. Those get deleted. I won't send those on.

I remember one time an acquaintance and a very nice person included me in her recipe chain....a very cute idea for getting some new food recipes. I felt so pressured by it, (and the fact that I didn't know three more people that I was sure who would be interested) that I ended up emailing her and said "Please find someone else. I really can't do this right now" I felt horridly guilty over that, too.

Anymore, put an obligation on it to forward it, and it gets deleted. I guess I'm trying fate and inviting God's

Mediocre Minister's Wife said...

You can send them to me! Thanks for your comments on my blogsite. I will answer your questions in my forthcoming blogs. In the meantime, I have your site bookmarked and will look "in" on you every couple of days.
In Christ,
P.S. Thanks for the encouragement!